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Jordan Chenkin MD MEd FRCPC DRCPSC-POCUS- Fellowship Director

Jordan Chenkin is the director of the emergency point-of-care ultrasound training program at the University of Toronto. He is the fellowship director for the Sunnybrook Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship. He is an EDE Master Instructor and a lecturer for the EDE1, EDE2 and EDE3 ultrasound courses.

Melanie Baimel MD CCFP(EM) - Fellowship faculty

Melanie is a POCUS enthusiast who is rarely seen without an ultrasound machine nearby. She is known for her incredible ultrasound diagnoses and improving care for patients in the emergency department. She is an outstanding award-winning instructor who loves to teach.

Martin Betz MD FRCP - Fellowship faculty

Martin Betz completed a POCUS fellowship in Sudbury and is an instructor for the EDE 2 and EDE 3 courses. He is a dedicated and talented ultrasound instructor.

Mike Romano MD FRCP - Fellowship faculty

Mike completed his ultrasound fellowship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He has an interest in airway ultrasound and transesophageal echocardiography.

Robert Simard MD FRCPC - Fellowship faculty

Rob wished he had x-ray vision to see patient's internal organs...since he possesses no special powers...using ultrasound is the next closest thing.  He completed a fellowship  in ultrasound at NOSM and is now an EDE Master Instructor, instructor with the National EDE 1 ultrasound course, and a lecturer with the National EDE 2 ultrasound course.

Alan Tan MD CCFP(EM) - Fellowship faculty

Alan is a graduate of the Sunnybrook POCUS fellowship. He has an interest in integration of artificial intelligence with ultrasound devices. He is an enthusiastic teacher and an instructor for the EDE bootcamp and EDE 2 course.